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Symplified is Headed to RSA Conference 2014

Gearing up for RSA, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about what we can expect to see at the show in light of recent breaches making headlines. Target, Neiman Marcus, SnapChat, and – although less visible to the average consumer – the Snowden leak have forever changed the way we think about privacy.

The past year has put companies of all sizes on high alert because the “it can’t happen to us” mentality has disappeared. Companies know that a single security hard shell around an enterprise is not enough and this outdated formula allows for “hole-puncher” access within a firewall. In other words, this approach leaves sensitive and confidential information vulnerable to theft.

On top of the growing reality of breaches and insider threats, the rapid adoption of BYOD and cloud-based applications are playing a notable role in amplifying the crucial need for solid security and identity and access management (IAM) practices.

This year’s RSA Conference is sure to spark some interesting debates that will continue to propel the conversation around security forward. Here are a few key trends that we expect to take center stage this year:

Battle of Variety:
A recent Symplified survey of IT decision makers uncovered that 56 percent of enterprises report being very challenged by using a patchwork of tools to manage their IAM. In addition, 44 percent manage over 100 cloud-based applications, resulting in a dizzying array of data that needs to be protected.

Mobile, Mobile, Mobile:
We’ve been hearing about the growth of mobile device and application usage in the enterprise for quite some time now. With the proliferation of SaaS and BYOD continuing, we expect to see enterprises addressing mobile identities via IAM at a rapid rate.

Consumerization of IT:
If SnapChat’s breach taught us anything, it’s that hackers are becoming savvier by the day. That said, we can expect there to be more noise around the consumerization of enterprise mobile apps and the necessary change in corporate policy that must be addressed.

Public vs. Private:
Nope, this conversation is still not over. The challenges that enterprises encounter when bridging the gap between the public and private cloud is sure to remain a hot topic.

Uniting MDM and IAM:
We’ve already seen some of this take place in early 2014, but in an effort to allow consumers more power and help companies regain control of user access to sensitive applications, we expect the conversation around marrying MDM and IAM solutions to continue.

These are just a few of the key trends we expect to see at the show this year. We are looking forward to seeing what tricks RSA and its exhibitors have up their sleeves. Come meet us at booth #433 to continue the conversation.

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