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Symplified Introduces New Product Features and Enhancements

We’re very excited to introduce some new product features and enhancements to Symplified’s market-leading cloud identity management platform.

Symplified is committed to simplifying access to Web and mobile applications for enterprises around the world. Our vision is to do this by delivering the most secure, easiest to manage cloud IAM platform — and with these latest updates, we’re proud to build on that vision.

Here are a few highlights of what’s being released this week:

Workday Integration

We’re seeing customers increasingly shift their HR and people management functions to the cloud with Workday. With that shift, Workday has become central to how those customers manage their users, and their business.

Symplified has become a Certified Solutions Partner for Workday to develop a deep integration that extends and enable identity management for joint Symplified and Workday customers through:

  • Single sign-on (SSO) into Workday that provides easy and secure access to important HR functions for employees, contractors and partners;

  • Automatic provisioning, de-provisioning and attribute synchronization between Workday and other applications, including Microsoft Active Directory:

    • Add new users to Workday and have them automatically provisioned to other SaaS applications or Microsoft Active Directory

    • Remove (or disable) users in Workday and automatically deprovisioned or disabled from accessing other applications

    • Keep key attributes in sync between Workday and other applications and Active Directory

With this new Workday integration, customers can fully extend and enhance their Workday investment to create a seamless and secure way of managing users across their business while and enabling and controlling across any user, application, or device.

Richer Microsoft Office 365 Integration

Microsoft Office 365 has quickly become one of the leading cloud/SaaS applications in the enterprise today. As part of this release, Symplified has delivered richer support for managing, controlling and auditing user access to Microsoft Office 365 applications, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Lync.

This richer integration now provides Symplified customers with a broader range of identity management capabilities for Microsoft Office 365 applications, including:

  • SSO into Microsoft Office 365 using WS-Federation or SAML

  • Integration with Active Directory, or virtually any user directory, for authenticating and authorizing access to Microsoft Office 365 applications by employees, partners and contractors

  • Full support for validating Microsoft Office 365 account credentials in desktop versions of Microsoft Office applications like Word, Excel and PowerPoint

  • Seamless integration with Microsoft’s DirSync tool to automatically provision new users into Microsoft Office 365

Find out more about our Microsoft Office 365 integration here.

Cloud Provisioning

In addition to SSO into cloud and mobile applications, many customers also want to automatically provision new users into 3rd party cloud applications and keep specific attributes in sync between their user directory and those 3rd party applications.

Symplified already provides both new user provisioning and attribute synchronization support for many applications, either using Just-in-Time provisioning over SAML or by building custom provisioning integrations using the application vendors own provisioning APIs or toolkits.

As part of this release, we’re excited to announce added support for the following cloud applications:

Customers can select and integrate with any of these applications for SSO, provisioning, de-provisioning, and attribute synchronization.

Application Discovery Tool

While Symplified is continually expanding its catalog of predefined, named application integrations, many customers still find a need to add applications for SSO and access management that don’t currently support standards like SAML. These include both 3rd party public SaaS applications, and internally developed/hosted/managed Web applications.

To help customers quickly and easily create integrations with these types of applications, Symplified provides an application discovery tool – a wizard-driven interface that automates the process of discovering and federating with virtually any Web-based application. Customers simply enter the login form URL into the discovery tool, walk through a few simple steps to complete the configuration, and in minutes have a ready-to-deploy application integration — all without the need for any code changes to the application or Web browser plugins.

As part of these updates, Symplified has introduced the ability to build application connectors by creating and uploading a recording of a user logging into any desired application. This new feature enables more applications to be discovered, allowing administrators to create SSO connectors faster and cheaper, and without the need for additional plugins.

Strong Authentication with RSA SecurID

Symplified has partnered with RSA to fully integrate RSA SecurID multifactor authentication into the product as a part of its portfolio of strong authentication partnerships used in policy management. This new integration allows new or existing RSA SecurID customers to seamlessly integrate strong authentication based on policy settings at both an individual application level, as well as across any number of applications. Customers can now choose which applications to add strong authentication, as well as determine when it should be enforced based on any number of policy attributes, such as location, device, user, security group, day/time, etc.

Customer feedback on our latest release has been tremendous. Stay tuned for more information on these new features, as well as regular updates on additional enhancements coming soon.

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