Connect Workday and Active Directory

Connect to Workday Easily with Symplified

HR, finance and big data analytics applications are joining the movement to the cloud. Forbes predicts SaaS-based applications to grow from $11.8 billion in 2012 to $26.5 billion in 2016. Workday is a leading cloud application for human resources and finance management that  allows management and employees to access a single system of record from anywhere and from any device.

Features & Benefits

Single Sign-On is Easy and SecureSingle Sign-On to Workday applications for quick and easy access, from any device or location. Easy, secure login for employees, contractors and partners. One unified login saves users time and headaches while IT staff save resources – improving productivity for all.

Smart User Management - Workday is often the first application where user data is created for a new employee. Updates for these accounts in Workday will sync to Active Directory allowing you to automatically propagate these changes to other applications including Box, Egnyte,, Dropbox, Google Apps and NetSuite. This means that based on each user’s Workday settings, an account can be automatically created and maintained in any or all of these applications.

Connect Any Identity Directory

Symplified integrates with virtually any Identity directory, for authenticating and authorizing access to the application(s) by employees, partners and contractors without the need to replicate sensitive user information, consolidate existing identity directories or to install software or agents.

No Side Door Access with Improved Security – Reduce security risks associated with side-door access to applications, uncontrolled access to sensitive user data and unsecured de-provisioning practices.

Increase Visibility with Auditing & Compliance -  Gain visibility into user behavior through a detailed log of all user activity. Achieve compliance with standard reports, custom reports or other log management tools. In addition to seeing which users are logging in or out of an application, Symplified enables you to see what users are actually doing within the application.

Control Access with Centralized Policies

With Symplified’s centralized policy management, IT can set policies in one place that provide access and control to Workday and other applications. When a user is disabled or removed from your identity directory, their access is immediately revoked from applications protected by Symplified. Symplified supports strong authentication for sensitive and high-trust applications offering the ability to control access based on user membership, specific applications, or user store attributes.


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Symplified Applications

With Symplified, you can easily connect to thousands of applications right out of the box. Symplified provides multiple methods to connect to applications, depending on the specific needs of the application and your business. We offer a catalog for popular apps, a discovery tool for the next tier of apps, and a custom connector for your custom apps.


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