SSO For Your Customers & Partners

Externalizing Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On is not just for your employees.  Your business’ customers and partners also expect a simple, central connection to all of your applications.

Whether it is giving a sub-contractor controlled access to your parts inventory system or delivering a unified brand experience to consumer users, Symplified is your solution.  Our product allows you to achieve both the partner efficiencies and levels of customer satisfaction required to stay relevant in today’s application-centric world.

For Your Customers

Your customers have been conditioned to expect a streamlined access experience to your company’s various websites and applications.  The likes of Facebook, Apple, Google, and others have been delivering a unified brand experience across their multiple properties for years.

One single login gives their customers access to ecommerce sites, email, music downloads, social media resources and more.  Millions upon millions of these consumer SSO connections take place each day, which only further cements this expectation in the minds of your customers.

Symplified enables you to meet this customer expectation by delivering a single access point for all your various resources.  Your customers’ initial user experience decides whether they choose you or the competition, and Symplified SSO ensures that their registration and login experience is overwhelmingly positive.

Application developers can focus on their core product while Symplified handles the user identity lifecycle.  Utilities companies can give customers a single set of credentials to all of their multiple websites.  Museums can connect their members to their online store, member services site, and event reservation apps from a single portal.

Symplifed is your key to winning, and keeping, happy customers.

For Your Partners

It is often a difficult and risky effort to manage partner access to your internal corporate resources.  When your only options were previously “all” or “nothing”, the answer was almost always the latter.  Exposing sensitive application data to the wrong party can be disastrous, but so can the losses in productivity that arise from being forced to manually control application access.

Businesses need a solution that gives partners automated resource SSO, but under strictly controlled access parameters.

Symplified solves this problem by easily and securely granting partners SSO access to only those internal applications that they need.  Thanks to our identity gateway architecture, you can now control partner-user access from a centralized administrative control point.

We are unique in that Symplified gives your business granular-level control over this access.  This means that you will be able to safely manage not only which applications partners can access, but also what information they can view within each app.

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