Single Sign-On (SSO)

Single Sign-On (SSO)

The number of employee user accounts in your business is multiplying at a staggering rate. As each new on-premises, web, and SaaS application is added to your employees’ daily mix, new pairs of usernames and passwords are also added. Credential management quickly spirals out of control due to forgotten passwords, provisioning and deprovisioning requests, and other such burdens on your IT team. Fortunately, Symplified Single Sign-On (SSO) addresses all of these concerns.

Symplified is a comprehensive cloud identity solution that lets IT organizations simplify user access to applications, regain visibility and control over usage, and meet security and compliance requirements.

Log in Once, Access it All

Symplified gives your employees the convenience they expect and the productivity you need.  A single username and password enables your employees to immediately access all of the applications they need during their workday.

Symplified connects your employees to any application whether they support Federated SSO protocols such as SAML or not.  Internal legacy software and proprietary applications are equally simple to access with Symplified SSO.

On-Premises, Cloud, and Everything In-Between

Symplified’s unique flexible hybrid model allows your business to adopt a cloud environment at the speed and direction that you choose. Our virtual appliance can be deployed on-premises within your corporate firewall or it can be fully hosted within an Amazon EC2 environment.

Any Device, Anywhere

Your employees use a mix of both corporate and personal devices during the course of their day.  Symplified allows you to confidently and safely embrace the BYOD reality through complete support for iOS and Android hardware. Symplified offers additional strong authentication controls for users accessing corporate apps from outside an expected IP range or geographic location.

Single Sign-On, Multiple User Stores

Most organizations already have some degree of identity infrastructure – whether basic Active Directory or a mix of LDAP, databases, Windows logins, SAML or OpenID. What’s needed is a virtual directory and flexible authentication model that can mix and match systems and support mixed user bases.

Symplified allows you to do just this, all without the need to replicate user information in a vendor’s private cloud.

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