Identity Management

Any Device, Anywhere

Bridge identities and access across any device or application, on-premises or in the cloud by leveraging existing identity stores (i.e. many + mixed) via “virtual” directory, without the need to consolidate or replicate.  Support all predominant standards and applications and fully customize the user experience.

Quickly and easily add new applications

Symplified’s unique self-service discovery tool allows customers to quickly and easily add new applications to their solution. The discovery tool supports SAML, WS-Federation, and HTTP header integration approaches, thus providing the most options for simple do-it-yourself SSO integration.

Application integration

The Symplified application catalog is the industry’s largest and most secure ecosystem of web apps, allowing new applications to be included in the SSO with one-step activation. Symplified manages updates for all connectors, thus freeing the customers from maintenance and upgrades. With the combination of the discovery tool and the application catalog there is almost no limit to the applications with which Symplified can integrate.

“Virtual” Directory

Ability to leverage your existing identity infrastructure and investments without the need for costly and/or time-consuming consolidation projects.  Symplified allows you to leverage any combination of user directories spanning on-premises or cloud-based, including AD, LDAP, API, Sun, etc. and SFDC, Workday, or others to directory hunt to authenticate the appropriate user and enforce policies.

No replication of user store information

Symplified does not replicate any user store information regardless of whether it is deployed on-premises or in the cloud. Rather than managing provisioning in its own proprietary user store, and then replicating those changes across to the primary user store, Symplified syncs information near real-time between the primary user store and the web-based applications.

User Management

Manage millions of customer identities on premises or in the cloud using Symplified Identity Manager which gives you all the same benefits of LDAP user store without having to comingle trusted and untrusted user identities.

A lightweight user lifecycle management capability, which includes extensible data / attribute schema, administrative approvals, password policies, and delegated administration.

User Provisioning

Symplified’s user management supports System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM); synchronizes with existing user management solutions like Active Directory, eDirectory, OpenLDAP and cloud services like Workday and Dropbox; support for delegated administration and advanced approval workflows; secure partitioning of internal employee identity data from external identities such as partners and customers; and support for on-premises linking to existing internal directory services like Active Directory and eDirectory.

Social Logins

Users can sign-on using their existing login information from a social networking service such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc to sign into a third party application in lieu of creating a new login account.

Flexible Architecture and Ease of Use

The Symplified solution features an extensible and flexible architecture to best meet their needs for business and security requirements for on-premises, public cloud or a combination of both.

  • Symplified Administration Console is a multi-tenant SaaS administration application (Policy Administration Point) that provides a user-friendly way of configuring policies and managing the runtime components, as well as a centralized point for continuous monitoring and auditing of the environment.

  • Identity Router (IDR) is a run-time component, a virtual appliance that can be deployed either on-premises, at a Service Provider, or in Amazon EC2.  It provides a co-located policy enforcement and decision point that is a single point of authentication and authorization for all users which provides a strategic audit collection point.

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