IAM for Cloud Services

IAM for Cloud Services

Extend Identity & Access Management to your Web and SaaS applications.  IAM is much more than just Single Sign-On.  In addition to providing a seamless way of connecting your users to your Web and SaaS applications, you need to establish and maintain security and control. Symplified does just that – providing robust access control and policy management teamed with detailed auditing and compliance.

Centralized Policy Enforcement

Administrators will appreciate the “one-stop shop” approach that Symplified has taken to policy enforcement.  Rather than relying on access control rules established within the various Web and SaaS applications themselves, Symplified offers centralized policy enforcement through one common administration portal.

Robust Access Control & Policy Management

Symplified’s policy engine allows administrators to create granular access rules and new user groups on top of what has been established in your existing user stores.

Symplified not only accesses a Web or SaaS application at the macro level, it also parses the application as a series of URLs, all with different access rights. For example, you might want all of your users to have access to a main URL, such as www.google.com but you might only want to give a specific workgroup access to a document in docs.google.com. In Symplified’s administrative interface, you can assign user access to specific sub-URLs as well as enable an even deeper level of granularity with the option to control access to specific web-based documents as well.

Symplified implements standards-based access control with XACML as the foundation our access control rules engine. You can combine the real-time access to your user stores where you have created user groups and roles with less rigid access control parameters. For those changing user attributes, XACML-based rules or policies can be applied to those users for accessing applications and application areas. Some examples of attributes that could be applied to access control are a user’s IP address range, the device from which they are attempting to access web or cloud applications, or the time of day they are accessing a given application.

With Symplified you can extend internal access groups and policies in Active Directory out to SaaS applications outside your network. By leveraging the built-in virtual directory, you can build access and authentication policies from a mix of directories and databases.

Auditing & Compliance

Regulatory compliance requirements vary from industry to industry, but they all require one common element:  Visibility.  When third party SaaS applications are employed, the complexity of maintaining this visibility may even seem impossible. Symplified delivers granular-level audit logs of your users’ application access behaviors for internal, Web, SaaS and mobile applications that are easily exportable into SIEM, data storage, and reporting tools, allowing you the flexibility to control how you use the data and to regain visibility.

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