Extending IAM to Mobile Devices

Extending IAM to Mobile Devices

Your employee users likely have two, three, or even more personal mobile devices that they use to access corporate resources each day.  The “Bring Your Own Device” trend is accelerating at an unprecedented pace, and IT is often left struggling how best to accommodate uncontrolled smartphones and tablets.  Fortunately, Symplified SSO simply works wherever and however your users do, no matter the type of mobile device.


Support for iOS, Android, and Blackberry

Symplified delivers the industry’s first IAM solution to support application access from mobile devices running iOS, Android and Blackberry (RIM’s HTML 5).  As opposed to an agent or application needing to be installed on a user’s personal device, Symplified’s IDR gateway manages SSO to web and SaaS applications.  This is especially important for customer and partner access, as external users are not required to install additional software on their mobile devices.

Smaller Screen, Same Big Experience

Symplified delivers a mobile-optimized portal page for use on the smaller format of these devices, allowing users to easily navigate application access from a touch screen. For HTML 5 browsers (i.e., Blackberry devices and Amazon’s new Kindle Fire) we can also display a screen-optimized version of the portal allowing users to easily navigate mobile SSO.  End-users’ access to apps from a mobile device is seamless and consistent with that of their desktop or laptop experience.

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With employees working in the cloud and bringing their own devices, IT is faced with the challenge of balancing user access controls and user experience. In this webcast, learn how an identity-based security model for mobile users can protect cloud apps and data, provide universal coverage for all mobile platforms, and enable single sign-on from any mobile device to all the information resources business users need.


Symplified Mobile Developer SDK

With the Symplified Mobile Developer SDK, developers can now quickly and easily build, test and deploy authentication and single sign-on (SSO) capabilities for their native mobile applications for iOS and Android.


Symplified IAM Solution for Mobile Users

Simplify access to cloud and on premises applications on mobile devices. Single Sign-On (SSO), access control, user identity management, identity provisioning and auditing for mobile devices.