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Symplified’s Partner Program allows your company to build a complimentary business relationship with the leader in Single Sign-On (SSO) and Cloud Identity and Management (IAM). When looking for new ways to increase your revenues and deliver more value to your existing customers, a strategic partnership with Symplified is your answer. We build relationships that empower our partners to best address the unique challenges surrounding the complex identity requirements of cloud and hybrid deployments.

Symplified offers a broad range of support programs to our partners. We work with your team to develop joint marketing plans, go-to-market strategies, annual sales plans, and comprehensive training programs. We have a proven track record of establishing profitable strategic partnerships quickly and effortlessly. Long story short, Symplified is dedicated to making both you and your project a success!

Industry and Market Dynamics

It is important to know what the industry analysts are saying, as Symplified is incredibly well-positioned to capitalize on each of these areas of growth.

  • “Cloud-based IAM will grow at an annual rate of 10-12%/yr through 2016.” -Forrester Research
  • “IDaaS will account for 40% of all identity and access management sales by the year 2015.” -Gartner Research
  • “The worldwide IAM market will account for over $6.6 billion in license, maintenance, and software-as-a-service (SaaS) revenue by 2016.” -IDC
  • “By year-end 2015, more than 50% of IAM deployments will be hybrid, cloud-based applications integrated with enterprise-based software infrastructure.” -Gartner Research

What is driving the incredible demand for IAM, you might ask?  In a recent survey of 200 mid to senior-level IT professionals in the domestic US, Symplified found the following:

  • 70% said security was the primary reason for adopting IAM and SSO, ahead of user convenience and mobile access
  • On average they’re managing up to 50 on-prem applications – 2x the number of cloud-based applications managed
  • Only 37% of organizations with existing IAM and SSO solutions have visibility into details like what files users are downloading while logged into applications locally or remotely
  • 59% have experienced unauthorized data access by a user whose account remained active when it should have been de-provisioned
  • 71% replicate user data in the cloud with their IAM and SSO solutions, including passwords and birth dates, which introduces the unnecessary risk of placing sensitive user data outside the organization’s control

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