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Symplified Enables Charitable Giving with Corporate Social Responsibility Platform Good Done Great

The intention and desire to do good and give back to charity is present in almost every business.  While companies take the initiative to get their employees involved in charity organizations such as making donations to a chosen foundation or volunteering at a local homeless shelter, the ability to turn those philanthropic efforts into measurable and successful impacts can be where the buck stops.  At Symplified, we have put an emphasis on giving back and have rallied our employees to participate in events such as Boulder’s Community Food Share Corporate Challenge, “Compete to Beat Hunger.”

Good Done Great (GDG), a social enterprise that develops cloud-based solutions for foundations, non-profits and enterprises looking to track employees volunteer activities as well as create and organize their giving and corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies, understands that developing a strong CSR program is not something that’s done overnight.

To help companies meet their philanthropic goals and make an impact, Good Done Great was in need of a solution that could help enable their clients to streamline the giving process.


With a client base made up of leading Fortune 1000 companies as well as private and community foundations, GDG needed to make sure its customers could access resources in a seamless and secure way.  It offered an online customer portal but found the portal was underutilized- customers only logged in a few times a year and because of the light usage, they ended up having password reset problems.

Application access was also a challenge for GDG. The company customizes applications on a per client basis.  These applications tie into payroll systems that hold confidential employee data, which is subject to compliance and auditing requirements as well as rigorous security testing.  GDG wanted to be able to provide secure access to its online customer portal. It needed a way to authenticate customers’ employees without transferring user data across an unsecured space. Most importantly. GDG wanted to SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language)-enable their own custom web app and bridge the gap between customer networks and other internal apps.


GDG needed a solution that would enable its clients to easily and securely track volunteer time and money donated to various organizations. The solution also needed to allow employees to use their existing logins to access the GDG portal without having to login again or remember a separate password.  Most importantly, this solution needed to be flexible to accommodate a range of client needs including SAML and non SAML-enabled apps and differing levels of identity and access management nature.

Symplified successfully made it possible for GDG to implement the non SAML-enabled app without any customization or coding, providing them with thousands of dollars in potential cost savings. Also, by using Symplified solutions, the GDG app (and access to it) passed the rigorous security testing that was required by outside compliance regulators.

Since implementing Symplified, GDG users now have a seamless login experience regardless of how they connect. GDG is now able to add its app to clients’ portals and intranets, so that employees can use their existing network password to automatically access the GDG app without having to enter a username and password.

WHY SYMPLIFIED? Why not another provider?

GDG chose Symplified for its robust SSO solution and flexible pricing model. While other security providers charge a fixed amount, Symplified offered a unique cost structure that was a fit for the GDG budget. GDG can now work with customers at any level of Identity and Access Management  maturity, whether they require a username and login or want to use a social login. Best of all, SAML enabled web apps are now easy to add to customer portals and easy to access, saving time and money for GDG and its clients.

This is just one of the many ways Symplified has helped companies go above and beyond and provide secure solutions for their clients.  Interested in learning more about Symplified’s work with Good Done Great? Check it out here.

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