Seamlessly & Securely Connecting
Users to Applications

SSO for Your Customers & Partners

While securely connecting your employees to your mission-critical applications is job number one, many organizations also need single sign-on to seamlessly and securely connect and extend their applications to their customers and partners.

Symplified offers your customers and partners the same levels of convenience and security as your employees when accessing internal corporate resources.  At the same time, you are able to maintain complete control over the level of access these external users have to your sensitive applications and data.

User Self-Service

Symplified allows your customers and partners to self-register for user accounts.  This feature enables your external users to set up their initial accounts, edit their user information, and request password resets all without any additional burden on IT.

The self-service registration workflow also includes the ability for an administrator to centrally review each submission for approval.  Role, group membership, and other attributes can also be used to establish automated approval policies.

Different User Types, Separate User Stores

Not all users are created equal, and you would not want to mix your customer and partner user information with your employee data.

Symplified allows you to leverage multiple concurrent user stores without forcing you to co-mingle disparate user types in a single database.  New user stores can be added as business programs dictate, and they can be just as easily removed at anytime.

SSO to Both Web and On-Premises Applications

Where other SSO solutions only afford your customers and partners access to external web and SaaS applications, Symplified also connects these users to internal on-premises apps.  Our SSO allows you to safely and securely open the perimeter and allow external users access to internal resources.

A Simple VPN Alternative

Symplified works as a simple and proven VPN-alternative for customer and partner access to internal resources.  There is no need to manage the additional cost or complexity of setting up VPN access for each external user, as the Symplified portal connects them to the resources they need.

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