Seamlessly & Securely Connecting
Users to Applications

Symplified is a comprehensive cloud identity solution that enables IT and security organizations to simplify user access to applications, regain visibility and control over usage and meet security and compliance requirements.

Single Sign-On

Symplified’s Single Sign-On seamlessly and securely connects your users to applications, whether the apps are in the cloud or behind the firewall.

Employees, partners, and customers expect easy and secure access to the business applications they use on a daily basis. Symplified significantly enhances security and control for your business while providing a better user experience for your employees, thereby improving productivity and reducing help desk requests associated with multiple user accounts.

And because of Symplified’s unique architecture, you can seamlessly bridge your on premise infrastructure and applications to the cloud without the need to manage multiple systems or risk replicating sensitive user information outside your control.

Leverage Your Existing Identity Infrastructure

You already have an identity infrastructure, whether its on premise in Active Directory or another identity store, or in the cloud with Salesforce, Workday or other applications.

With Symplified you can continue to use that infrastructure since Symplified acts as an identity bridge, simply and seamlessly integrating your existing identity store (or stores if you have multiple) to handle authentication of users and to determine the appropriate applications to be provisioned to each end user. Best of all, Symplified does this without the need to recreate your users, groups, and policies already contained in user stores, or to replicate sensitive user information to another vendor

Wide Range of Applications

Symplified supports a wide range of single sign-on integration options to allow you to easily configure and manage all your applications, both in the cloud and behind the firewall.

Symplified can support thousands of applications using both SAML (1.1 and 2.0) as well as its own proprietary HTTP Federation technology that transparently federates with Web-based applications, including custom developed applications. By expanding single sign-on beyond SAML using its proprietary HTTP Federation, Symplified supports almost any Web application. And HTTP Federation doesn’t require either party to change their infrastructure or applications so that organizations that have not yet adopted SAML can be easily added for single sign-on.

You don’t need to worry about whether your application supports these features as Symplified does all the work. Just select the application you want to enable for single sign-on, configure your options and deploy it to your users.

Automated User Provisioning

Has adding new employees and assigning them the correct set of enterprise applications and permissions become a long, drawn out process?  With Symplified’s automated user provisioning, simply add a new user to your directory and Symplified handles the process of provisioning them across your selected applications based on policies you create, streamlining the process for the onboarding of new employees

Block Side-Door Access to Applications

A successful single sign-on strategy ensures the business maintains both control and visibility over all user behaviors when accessing applications. If users are allowed to access applications directly outside of the company’s single sign-on, control and visibility is lost. And when employees leave the organization, you want to ensure they cannot continue to directly access your SaaS applications.

Users access applications through the company portal, preventing unauthorized and unmonitored connections from rogue users. By design, all user access behaviors can then be audited and controlled by company administrators.

Application Discovery Tool

There are tens of thousands of Web-based applications today, ranging from third-party SaaS applications to internally developed business applications. You need to easily and securely connect your users to all of these applications. While Symplified has out-of-the-box support for a wide range of applications, you also have the ability to easily “discover” new applications in a matter of minutes.

Do you have custom-built applications hosted internally that you want to connect your users to seamlessly? No problem. Simply enter the application login details into Symplfied’s discovery tool and you’ll be walked through the process of configuring and adding the application to your single sign-on portal. The discovery tool supports SAML, WS-Federation, and HTTP header integration approaches, thus providing the most options for simple do-it-yourself SSO integration.

End User Experience

Symplified offers your end users a flexible and easily accessible way to access their applications through single sign-on. Your employees simply log in once to Symplified’s end-user portal and then they can access all of their customized applications, whether the apps are in the cloud or behind the firewall.

The default end-user portal is a “ribbon” with a graphical list of the user’s available applications, along with a set of end user self-service features. A simple click on one of the applications transparently authenticates and logs the user into the application, which is launched in a new browser window. No more needing to look up passwords or store them on sticky notes.
Access to the portal is supported across all major browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. And users can easily access the portal not just from their desktop, but also mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Have an existing portal that you want to integrate your SSO applications? Symplified supports deeper levels of integration with APIs that make it easy to build access to applications into your existing environment.

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