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Symplified Mobile SDK

Enterprise mobile application developers spend much of their time building identity management capabilities into mobile apps to enable authentication for existing identity infrastructure, such as Active Directory, LDAP or other user directories.

With the Symplified Mobile SDK, developers can now quickly and easily build, test and deploy authentication and single sign-on (SSO) capabilities for their native mobile applications for iOS and Android. It allows enterprise mobile application developers to connect these native mobile applications easily and securely to existing enterprise user stores for the authentication of users into their enterprise applications.

Extend Symplified to Native Mobile Apps

The Symplified Mobile SDK allows developers to leverage Symplified as the IdP, further extending Symplified’s identity management capabilities for customers to include native mobile applications.  Symplified serves as the identity bridge between the native mobile application and existing enterprise identity infrastructure, allowing use of a company’s existing user stores (such as Active Directory , LDAP or others) to authenticate users, thereby leveraging the most current user information available when enforcing access policies.

Leverage any 3rd Party IdP

Not a Symplified customer yet, but want to easily build authentication into your mobile app?  Not a problem.  In addition to using Symplified as the IdP, you can also choose to use any third party IdP that supports SAML 2.0 for authentication against existing enterprise identity infrastructure.

Supports Multiple Identity Repositories

Mobile developers can leverage Symplified to leverage and span multiple identity repositories such as Active Directory, LDAP, Databases, SOAP and REST services, external Social directories (Google, Facebook, etc.), and more.

Seamless Access

Symplified Mobile SDK provides seamless access for users, allowing them the same level of security from desktops to laptops to mobile devices. This is accomplished using one credential to access them all, rather than having to remember and maintain usernames and passwords for each of them independently.


Symplified adapts as your business grows. As you extend your user population to partners and customers, we enable you to provide the same level of protection and seamless experience for all the identities accessing your resources and applications, including custom-developed native mobile apps.

Additional Tools & Support

The Symplified Identity Provider (IdP) Sandbox

Symplified provides an IdP “sandbox” environment for developers to build and test a functional application quickly using the Symplified Mobile Developer SDK.  The sandbox environment is a Symplified-hosted IdP with a set of documented test accounts and credentials.  Developers simply configure the SDK to use the sandbox as the IdP and use the test accounts and credentials to test authentication in their application.  Once the application is ready for deployment into production, developers can then configure the settings for the production IdP they want to use – either Symplified or a third party via SAML.

API documentation

Symplified provides full documentation to help developers understand how to use the APIs included in the Symplified Mobile Developer SDK.

Community Resources

Along with self-help resources provided in the API documentation, developers also receive free support via an online communities where they can communicate and collaborate regularly amongst peers and Symplified experts.  Support can be found through the resources (Github, mailing list, IRC) detailed in the API documentation.

Xamarin Studio IDE Platform

The Symplified Mobile Developer SDK is distributed as an open source library under the Apache 2.0 license, directly accessible from within Xamarin Studio integrated development environment (IDE), a popular IDE for creating cross-platform native mobile applications, including iOS and Android, with a fast growing installed base of more than 350,000 mobile developers.

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Symplified Overview

Symplified's seamless & secure Single Sign-On (SSO) and Identity & Access Management (IAM) across Cloud, Web and Mobile applications.


Symplified Mobile Developer SDK

With the Symplified Mobile Developer SDK, developers can now quickly and easily build, test and deploy authentication and single sign-on (SSO) capabilities for their native mobile applications for iOS and Android.


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