Seamlessly & Securely Connecting
Users to Applications

Directory Integration

One of the key benefits of Single Sign-On (SSO) is the ability to seamlessly connect and authenticate your applications to your existing identity infrastructure.

Symplified acts as a bridge between your existing identity infrastructure and your applications, leveraging user information across not only Active Directory, but multiple types of user stores as well as multiple sources.

Active Directory

Microsoft’s Active Directory is the preeminent user directory employed by enterprises around the world for controlling access to important business applications. At the same time, cloud-based applications that more organizations leverage to run their businesses today have been developed using proprietary native user directories due to the fact they run outside the firewall and beyond the control of the enterprise. As a result, users are required to remember usernames and passwords across a wide range of applications, and IT is required to create, maintain and map these user accounts to the applications themselves.

The answer is to seamlessly integrate these applications with Active Directory to provide a better user experience, fewer passwords to remember, and more control for IT. At the same time this approach leverages the investment your company has already made in making Active Directory as the master source for user information.

It’s not just Active Directory

While Active Directory has significant traction in the enterprise, many companies also use other types of stores for managing user identities.  Symplified supports authentication against Active Directory, LDAP, RDBMS, MySQL, as well as cloud-based user stores such as, Google, Workday and Amazon RDS, providing you with the flexibility you need to seamlessly integrate your existing user information with your applications.

Multiple Directories

There are a number of reasons why your organizations may have more than one user store. Whether it was a conscious design requirement to keep certain user groups separate, or M&A activity that has resulted in a new user store added to the mix, it is a business reality that multiple directories exist.

Symplified effortlessly spans multiple individual silos of user identities, without requiring a very complex integration project.

No Replication of Identity Stores

Your employees’ personal information – including account passwords – is one of the most protected assets within your business. Why replicate that data outside your control and into other services?

Symplified does not copy or replicate your users’ personal data, instead leaving it safely in your existing identity stores. Rather than managing provisioning in Symplified’s own proprietary user store, and then replicating those changes across to the primary user store, Symplified syncs information in near real-time between the primary user store and the web-based applications. Through this connection Symplified is able to seamlessly propagate identity changes such as permissions, roles, deletions or policies across all Symplified-protected applications.

Integrated Windows Authentication

Symplified employs Microsoft’s Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) to seamlessly authenticate users to their Symplified portal, once they have already been authenticated with their Windows domain.  Users simply log into their corporate network once and can then access all their applications with a single click — with no additional usernames or passwords required.

Password Reset

If a user forgets their Active Directory password, they can easily reset and update it to a new password with Symplified.  And if their password has expired, or the IT administrator requires a password reset, the user is prompted to change it the next time they log into the Symplified portal.  All changes are synchronized with Active Directory and the appropriate password policies are enforced.

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