Seamlessly & Securely Connecting
Users to Applications

Deployment –  On-Premises or In the Cloud

Symplified’s Identity Router™ is a low-latency, high throughput, unified IAM stack that enables flexible policy control over data, users, federations, SSO and applications.

This “identity hub” accesses user store information within your network (e.g., Active Directory, LDAP, RDBMS, etc.) and/or user stores hosted by third parties (e.g.,, Google, etc.). It also supports “directory hunting” – where the solution searches through multiple user stores to locate and authenticate a user.

Symplified’s Identity Router™ manages complex networks and eases the integration of the cloud for any size organization. By combining the multiple layers of identity and access-management technology in a high performance reverse-proxy, this solution delivers powerful and flexible IAM with enterprise performance.

On-Premises Deployment

Delivered as a virtual hardware appliance, the Identity Router™ has a hardened OS and performance-optimized software that delivers IAM in a single device. It is complemented with cloud-delivered updates and policy management, so there is no need to update your software.

The onsite appliance is typically deployed in your DMZ so that it can accept connections from users both inside and outside the firewall. This self-contained appliance requires minimal modification to your IT infrastructure and can be centrally managed from a single administrative console.

Symplified also offers a simple migration path from this on-premises appliance to the cloud-based deployment model.

Cloud-Based Deployment

Delivered as a hosted proxy gateway in Amazon EC2 (SAS 70 Type II data center), the Identity Router™ integrates with your behind-the-firewall directories and provides the same IAM capabilities as the appliance.

The cloud-based deployment model offers global deployment choices, elastic scale up and scale out, plus cross-firewall SSL secure networking. The advantages to this deployment model include faster time to realize value, lower startup and management costs, and a pricing structure that scales as needed.

High-Availability and Disaster Recovery

The Symplified Identity Router™ can be configured in a cluster for both high availability and scalability using standard load balancing technology.  Further, they can be deployed across multiple AWS availability zones to create disaster recovery redundancies.

No Replication of User Information 

Symplified does not replicate your user store data because that would create another version of your critical user credentials which requires further management overhead. Rather, Symplified requests credential validation from the user store of record when a user attempts to log in to one of the protected web applications.

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