Seamlessly & Securely Connecting
Users to Applications

Connect to Any Application Easily with Symplified

The rise of SaaS and mobile applications in the workplace has brought with it a complex challenge for IT departments.  Connecting users to multiple applications (whether behind the firewall or in the cloud) is time and resource intensive. In addition, if a custom web app is not SAML-enabled, it can be cost prohibitive to make it compatible. IT needs an affordable solution for non SAML-enabled apps, plus a central point of control for management, control and visibility.

Features & Benefits

Application Catalog

The application catalog provides a list of pre-configured applications covering most of the commonly used applications, and plenty of uncommon ones.

SAML Enabled Apps

Whether or not a SAML enabled app is listed in the Application Catalog, Symplified can easily connect to these applications via our SAML connector.  This saves IT a significant amount of time and budget.

Application Discovery

If a custom web app is not SAML-enabled, it can cost more than $50K per app to make it compatible. Many other apps simply don’t support the SAML protocol. But with Symplifed, we can still provide SSO to these apps using the Discover tool.  This tool allows applications to be added to your Symplified account through an easy to use discovery process.  You can save thousands of dollars by not having to SAML enable custom apps — simply use the tool to add them!

Custom Application Connectors

In some cases, applications have unique sign on scenarios and cannot have Single Sign-On connectors created via the other options.  In these cases, Symplified will partner with you to create a custom connector for your business.

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Symplified Applications

With Symplified, you can easily connect to thousands of applications right out of the box. Symplified provides multiple methods to connect to applications, depending on the specific needs of the application and your business. We offer a catalog for popular apps, a discovery tool for the next tier of apps, and a custom connector for your custom apps.


Preventing Side-Door Access

The risks associated with employees skirting around SSO solutions to access apps directly - also known as side-door access - and how IT organizations can successfully prevent it.


Preventing the Threat of Side-Door Access

This webcast examines how Symplified’s solution prevents side-door access, and is based on a newly released White Paper. When users bypass an organization’s single sign-on solution, it can create numerous compliance challenges for IT. This webcast demonstrates the negative impacts of side-door access on an organization, including the inabilities to accurately report on application usage and the failure to meet audit and compliance requirements. It also explores the problem of data loss security breaches that are a result of users directly accessing 3rd-party applications.