Seamlessly & Securely Connecting
Users to Applications

Centralized Provisioning & Deprovisioning

Adding a new employee to your organization is not as easy as it once was. Your IT department often has to set up accounts across multiple on-premises and cloud-based applications with each new hire.  This can range anywhere from a couple of new accounts to a dozen or even more per new employee. Symplified reduces the time and complexity of this process by centrally provisioning new user accounts to your business applications. Add a new employee, and Symplified automatically creates user accounts to the applications the employee needs to start working on day one.

No Side-Door Access

When new SaaS and web app accounts are provisioned with Symplified, you can ensure that only your administrators have access to the actual user credentials.  The users of these applications will only know the credentials to the Symplified SSO portal, not the third party app accounts.  This ensures that your users will need to go through the portal whenever they want to access the new applications

Secure Account Deprovisioning

Are you confident that when an employee leaves your company they will no longer have access to your data?  Symplified account deprovisioning ensures that application access ends the moment the user is no longer an employee.  And thanks to the structure of the account creation process, they cannot go around the SSO portal to continue to access sensitive company data.

Increase HR and IT Productivity 

Symplified provisioning allows you to reduce the time and costs associated with the administration of identities access across all of your corporate applications.  Previously arduous and manual IT processes can effectively be eliminated with centralized provisioning.  Add the new employee to your user store of choice, and third party app accounts are automatically created on behalf of the new hire.

Centralized Control

The reality is that access policies are often defined and enforced in multiple locations, which leads to inconsistent or weak security policies—and even weaker IT security controls. Symplified’s provisioning process is designed to mitigate that risk by enabling enterprise-wide control and tracking of access from a single management point. Symplified gives you a one-stop-shop for adding and removing user accounts, whether to internal resources or to external SaaS and web applications.

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