Seamlessly & Securely Connecting
Users to Applications

Auditing and Analytics

Symplified provides complete end-to-end visibility of how applications and data are accessed by the users. Our unique architecture provide centralized logging across web apps in public, private and hybrid clouds, making reporting for compliance possible, even for those users and applications which are outside the reach of legacy audit tools.  Track activity, ensure compliance, monitor application usage and demonstrate ROI.

Click Stream Monitoring

Symplified has the unique capability to monitor user click streams via proxy technology.  This technology enables logging on all activity performed by a user within their web app.  Click stream monitoring is useful tool for customers who have heightened auditing requirements or security concerns for specific applications.


Use pre-built, graphical dashboards and reports to view login activity by application or user. Monitor failed authentications, unique user logins and user/application entitlement.

View what applications users are accessing and what specific features of the application they are using. This allows IT to centrally view detailed user activity to meet auditing and compliance regulations. For example, who has opened the Employee Handbook or who downloaded a client list.

At the application level, administrators can view application usage trends; including who is logging in to what applications and how often applications are being used. This allows IT to reduce costs by optimizing application licenses and implementations as well as provides data that may be required for audits.

Administrators can drill into the detailed log data and create custom reports and charts ensuring the flexibility to get the information critical for your company.


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Preventing Side-Door Access

The risks associated with employees skirting around SSO solutions to access apps directly - also known as side-door access - and how IT organizations can successfully prevent it.


Preventing the Threat of Side-Door Access

This webcast examines how Symplified’s solution prevents side-door access, and is based on a newly released White Paper. When users bypass an organization’s single sign-on solution, it can create numerous compliance challenges for IT. This webcast demonstrates the negative impacts of side-door access on an organization, including the inabilities to accurately report on application usage and the failure to meet audit and compliance requirements. It also explores the problem of data loss security breaches that are a result of users directly accessing 3rd-party applications.


Symplified Analytics

Gain visibility and control with Symplified Analytics. Use pre-built, graphical dashboards and reports to view login activity by application or user. See what applications users are accessing for usage trends. Create custom reports.