Seamlessly & Securely Connecting
Users to Applications


Symplified’s Administrative Console is a multi-tenant SaaS administration point that provides a user-friendly way to configure policies and manage the runtime components.  It is also a centralized point for continuous monitoring and auditing of said environment.  Within this interface  your admins can create end-user authorizations for your web applications, upload security certificates for access, capture activity log data, and create the live connection with your user store(s).  As the administrative interface into the Identity Gateway, the Administrative Console can be considered the workhorse that manages access control from your user store to your applications.

Intuitive Interface

The Administrative Console user experience is built around the natural workflow of setting up your new IAM environment.  Step by step, it allows you to connect to your user store or stores, define the applications needed for your user group, and finally set up policies governing access to these apps.  General administrative functions are also clearly highlighted within the interface to allow for future changes or additions.

Delegated Administration

Symplified’s Administrative Console offers multiple roles with varying permissions so that you can discretely control your administrators’ access rights.  It enables escalating authorizations for various system changes, and can create external administrative access for partner team leads.  Admin roles are established according to your business’ structure, not according to what a vendor thinks would work best for you.

Simple Policy Management

Symplified uses the XACML standard to enforce access based on role, group, attributes and other data. Policies can be set to control access to the application and data level. as well as control resources to the URL level. Once a user authenticates, permissions are checked and a list of accessible apps is dynamically generated for that individual user.


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