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Data in the Cloud: A Love-Hate Relationship

Despite security concerns, a third of all enterprises place highly sensitive data in the cloud. That’s according to Forrester Consulting, which surveyed IT admins at more than 700 enterprises on our behalf. Nearly half of respondents also don’t think that their existing identity and access management (IAM) infrastructure will be able to provide single sign-on (SSO) while supporting the growing need for cloud applications.

Here’s a closer look at the numbers: Thirty-four percent of enterprises place regulated financial data and 29% feed healthcare information into SaaS applications. And according to the researchers, the data collected shows that IT managers are living with a gap between cloud usage and corresponding cloud security. They go on to say that IT departments “must increasingly support business owners in a drive to take advantage of cloud-enabled and mobile-enabled business partnerships – and their ability to execute will be significantly affected by the ability of their IAM systems to adapt.”

Enterprises recognize the need for IAM, but they’re concerned about integrating IAM capabilities into their infrastructures. In addition, as more cloud-based apps fill niche needs for enterprises, the need to support non-SAML apps grows.

The results of the survey point to a need for IAM systems that authenticate and provide single sign-on access to SAML and non-SAML applications on both sides of the firewall, from computers and mobile devices – something that Symplified already does.


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