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Access Management Doesn’t Have to be a Bitter Pill

As pharmaceutical companies across the globe operate in an increasingly competitive market, the need to implement new cost and time saving measures is stronger than ever. On first blush, the addition of an identity and access management (IAM) solution may seem to simply enable these companies to deliver an improved end user experience for their employees, customers, and partners.  By creating a unified single sign-on (SSO) portal, pharmaceutical companies greatly simplify application access and user management activities such as registration and password reset for said users.  The underlying value of IAM to these companies, though, goes much deeper than simply improved perceptions and experiences… an effective IAM solution saves pharmaceutical companies both very real monetary and time resources.

When a reduction in the time-to-market for new drugs and therapies can mean a savings in the hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars, IAM has become extremely attractive to the pharmaceutical industry.  Case in point:

A leading pharmaceutical company in the San Francisco area focuses on therapies for those diagnosed with various forms of cancer. During their evaluation of several commercially available identity solutions, they defined several critical elements that would determine vendor selection. The first of these was security. They did not want to modify their existing security policies and therefore required a solution that would maintain their current controls without exposing user credentials outside of their network. A specific type of deployment architecture was also a key part of the selection process. They needed a simple solution to the need for a cloud based administrative console and an on-premises policy engine… a hybrid solution.

Ease of administration was another priority for this pharmaceutical company. Adding users such as partners, employees and customers needed to be simple and seamless… nothing that would require IT admin expertise or training. On that same note, they needed the ability to add new SSO connectors for both internal and external web applications without a PhD in computer science.  An app store-like experience was a must-have requirement.

After selecting Symplified’s IAM solution above the competition, they were able to create a drastically improved end user experience for thousands of their end users across North America without having to change their existing security controls. Using Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) they were able to provide seamless, secure access to their end users and discovered that they were even able to authenticate against multiple disparate user stores.  Needless to say, they are extremely satisfied with the Symplified solution.

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  1. These services are really now provided in every security measure in different sites.As it helps in clouding for distribution of information in different sides through one single sign on .

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